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Farida Khatun, 40 years, from Tula Tuli in Maungdaw township. Took 4 days to reach BD. She was attacked and taken away by the military forces on 30.8.2017. She was gang raped and assaulted by machette in the face. She was beaten while being raped by more than 10 military. Out of her 9 children, 7 were killed during the attack as well as her husband. Her 2 remaining children of 12 and 13 are with her in Bangladesh. Her 15 year old daughter was raped and killed by decapitation. There have been countless witnesses of atrocities by the Burmese regime and its military forces. Human rights commissions and international groups have called the ongoing onslaught a schoolbook case of ethnic cleansing evolving into a genocide of the Rohingya community in Rakhine. Widespread gang rapes have been widely documented through testimonies of the survivors. Balukhali camp for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, November 2017