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30,000 Rohingya refugees fled or were trafficked into India, where their situation and living conditions are very similar to those in Bangladesh. They are locked in a situation of bonded labor that borders to slavery at the hands of their traffickers/human smugglers.

In Thailand, about 10,000 are scattered around the country and most of them have been living there for 20-30 years. However, some victims of the 2015 Rohingya boat people that ended up in traffickers’ camps in southern Thailand are now in administrative detention and await for re-settlement in third countries.

Malaysia has been for the past 20 years the main country of destination for Rohingya fleeing persecution in Myanmar. More than 150,000 live now in Malaysia. Although their situation is far from being good and acceptable compared to standards set for the hosting of refugees, they have more opportunities to find jobs in wholesale markets and construction and as such support their families at home.

The few thousand Rohingya stranded in Indonesia are in total limbo and waiting for many years before being re-settled to other countries. Most of them were caught up trying to reach Australia and turned back to Indonesia. They are strictly forbidden to work in Indonesia being completely dependent on UNHCR handouts to survive. Most of them have been in this situation for 5-7 years.
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