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Ramlau village on the main road between Falam to Hakha was ransacked by the Myanmar military (Tatmadaw) during the passage of their militarty convoy going through Chin State. The military convoy was attacked continously by Chin Defense Forces (CDF) and Chin National Defence Forces (CNDF), the Myanmar military took revenge actions by burning and exploding 19 houses in Ramlau and ordering airstrikes. The population had already evacuated the village a couple of days before the passage of the convoy. Ramlau has 850 habitants, 3 weeks after the raids and airstrikes barely 50% of the population has returned from hiding in the hills and surrounding farms. The airstrikes which are still a high risk targetted the school building sheltering IDPs. Tatmadaw stayed 4 days in the village until 7 May 2023, during which they looted and burned houses. Ramlau village, Falam township, Myanmar, May 2023